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Опровержение клеветы на Эльпидофора Америки,

Клевету-фейк на Архиепископа Эльпидофора, который якобы говорил, что будет причащать инославных супругов членов Православной Церкви распространяют не только московские и промосковские, но и многие греческие сми. На самом деле, Эльпидофор ни слова об этом не говорил. И не мог говорить такого.

ALRERT: There is an article being passed around from OrthroChristian dot com (we would rather not link it and increase its popularity) with the title “GREEK ARCHBISHOP OF AMERICA DECLARES OPEN COMMUNION FOR NON-ORTHODOX SPOUSES”. This is a highly misleading headline—fake news, as it were.
Archbishop Elpidophoros has never declared or suggested anything of the sort, and even the quotes the article cites (from a speech His Eminence recently gave) clearly show instead that the Archbishop was speaking about welcoming non-Orthodox spouses into parish communities, yet saying nothing about participating in the Sacraments. One such quote:

“Every faithful marriage is a miracle marriage—a miracle of God’s love and a Mystery to be celebrated with joy and embraced with thanksgiving. Whether or not the spouse joins the Church in a formal way through Chrismation, they are still 100% part of our community, and should be embraced as such. If we are to be a Church that truly serves and embraces our young people who live in a technologically advanced and pluralistic world, we must embrace the strangers in our midst—make them strangers no more, and embrace all the members of our community and our Country.”

Clearly, Archbishop Elpidophoros was speaking of peace and inclusion, not doing violence to Holy Tradition. Feel free to share this so that slanderous false claims like this article can be snuffed out. May God have mercy on us all.
Tags: Вселенский Патриархат, Каноническое право, Уроки "византийского", клеветники

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